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Dr. G. Edwin Sheela
MSc, MPhil, PhD.

Principal, Muslim Arts College


The Muslim Arts College has an envious mission of charming out the very best in every student left to our tender nurturing, with all his/her innate potentialities manifested in full measure.

We shape and mould our students to cope with every issue they encounter, judge situations appropriately as they arise and never miss a suitable course of action. Our intention is to offer an advanced education and there by equipping a group of socially committed, aesthetically refined, emotionally stable, physically fit, intellectually capable, morally upright, religiously pious, spiritually enlightened, vocationally self-sufficient citizens. As the new Principal of this great academic institution, I would like to proceed along the avenues opened up by my predecessors, but with a view to scaling the zeniths of glory through the concerted. We should not remain complacent with past glory; we have to march together towards a better future by making the Muslim Arts College a renowned educational hub.

So, we cannot sit idle, but must lunge on towards our goal. I would like to place on record the selfless and effective contributions of all our former principals, our staff, both former and present, our Alumni and numerous friends and well-wishers from all walks of life.

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