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Smart classrooms are another way we educate our pupils. There are potential for teaching and learning activities in technology-enhanced classrooms.

  • An instructor station equipped with computer and audiovisual equipment.
  • DVD and VHS playback. Data projector. Smart Console. Desktop Computer.
  • Internet Connection. Document Camera. Touch Screen. Wireless microphone.
  • VCR for standard VHS playback of program material.
  • Some rooms are equipped with DVD players (for those not equipped, a DVD can be played through PC's DVD player using software that is installed).
  • Data projector for displaying the PC and video outputs.
  • Connectivity to the internet and the M: drive to directly access your files from your MAC shared space.
  • Laptop Link connection to easily accommodate your PC.
  • Auxiliary A/V inputs to allow other video devices to be added.
  • Digital Camera
  • Educational Softwares
  • Printers

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