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The National Service Scheme was launched in order to create a significant connection between the community and the campus. The National Service Scheme's main goal is to give students opportunity to get involved in social activities and ultimately develop their personalities. Three NSS units—Unit Numbers 71, 80, and 137—are operated by Manonmaniam Sundaranar University and the Indian government's Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports. Regular programmes and the special camping programme are the two main categories of NSS activities.

Regular Activities:
In accordance with this, students participate in a variety of programming during the weekends or after classes in the chosen communities, college campuses, and metropolitan slums. These services are provided for 120 hours a year.

Special Camping Programme:
In accordance with this, 7-day camps are arranged in urban slums or adopted villages with some targeted initiatives involving local populations. Half of the volunteers are expected to attend this camp from each unit. The NSS units (71, 80, and 137) performed the best possible cleaning of the academic campus and public areas. After this drive, a big change occurred.

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